by Christian Knudsen

Magic from Germany

Christian Knudsen is one of the most prominent and profiled magicians in Germany.


In this shop we offer you his exclusive products, magic books and selected tricks directly from his professional repertoire of more than three decades, including detailed instructions, online videos and his concentrated experience as a performer.

Watch a full performance of this stunning progressive ace assembly!

A highly visual two phase routine!

A card disappears from between the two Jokers and is found face-up in the middle of the deck. It is placed between the Jokers again and its blue back changes into a red one.


The clou: The card is signed by the spectator! The Jokers have a round hole in the middle - this way the spectator's card remains visible all the time! Including a worker's Instant Reset routine!


"An extremely visual and memorable routine!"

Michael Close in Magic Magazine

An intimate premonition for a special moment!

The first and finest close-up pad made of wool felt!

The Magician's Pro Pad

The Magician's Pro Pad is an elegant underlay for the professional close-up entertainer: It is handmade and of recognizable high quality. Whatever you do to it, it will never lose its shape and always looks perfect.


It bounces gently and beautifully when you pick up your cards and coins from it. You can remove the foam and clean the fabric case - afterwards you simply stuff the foam back into the case.


It comes in six colors (black, red, green, blue, casino-green or ruby) and two sizes, depending on your personal taste and the conditions under which you use it. The small one (25x30 cm) for the tablehopper who doesn't have much space on the table. And the large one (35x50 cm) with lots of space for the formal close-up show.





"I was looking for a new close-up mat. The Magician's Pro Pad really won me over! Pretty classy."

Maik M. Paulsen - Germany's Most Successful Hustler


"The pads are very well made and ideal for coin and card routines. While the small pad is used for tablehopping, I have the large one firmly attached to my mobile close-up table. It's just a pleasure to be able to do magic with such high quality props."

Carsten Risse - Professional Entertainer


"The Jack-of-all-trades amongst all the close-up mats."

Kalibo - Street Magician and Cups & Balls Specialist


"The size is perfect. The color is great. The material is high-quality. Not too soft and not too hard. You can crumble it up however you want - it looks great again immediately. I even use it for practicing, have it in action every day. Sensational!"

Remo Kell - Close-Up Host at the Black Rabbit Theater Frankfurt


"I use the larger Pro Pad regularly on the Magic Raft in Tübingen. After last season, it still looks flawless despite of the spilled beer of my guests and often crushed in my suitcase. I like the thickness and this uncomplicated wool felt. The Pro Pad has become my outdoor mat. It gets my clear recommendation."

Marko Ripperger - Raft Magician